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  • The ARC360 System consists of two (2) ARC108 containers and three (3) ARC48 containers. This configuration is optimal for DoD cargo aircraft since it will cube-out the standard 463L pallet. 
  • Overall dimensions for the ARC360 are 96” X 80” X 96”. 
  • ARC48 containers could be strapped onto the ARC108 container, providing an efficient way to transport the ARC360 without the need for special handling equipment, thus making it highly mobile. 
  • The ARC360 can be x-rayed for full analysis of its contents. 
  • Standard color is black.



  • The ARC108 is constructed of a virtually indestructible, advanced composite material, that resists sand, water, insects, and keeps out any other undesirable environmental factor--what’s in stays safe, what’s out stays out. 
  • With an integrated tow bar and internal lift system (including wheels), the ARC108 is highly mobile and transportable. Capable of traversing rugged terrain. It can be towed up to 25 MPH on smooth roads. 
  • Because it is collapsible, the ARC108 solves the redeployment and storage problem when not in use: it measures 96” X 52” X 48” externally when fully assembled and 96” X 52” X 16” collapsed. Weighing approximately 500 pounds and capable of holding up to 2,500 pounds internally, it is buoyant when loaded with 1,000 pounds! 
  • The ARC108 is completely reconfigurable, collapsing to ⅓ its height when the walls are removed and placed in the base. With its unique, multi-functional design, users can convert it, customizing use as needed--the walls are strong enough for use as loading ramps or as a litter in forward locations. 
  • With 100% composite construction of its six sides, the ARC108 can be x-rayed for full analysis of its contents. 
  • Standard color is black.



  • The ARC48 is constructed with the same advanced composite material as the ARC108. 
  • As with its larger complement, the ARC48 can collapse, reducing to ½ its size, from 96” X 28” X 32” to 96” X 28” X 16” (external dimensions).  
  • Nine (9) ARC48 containers completely cubes-out the 463L pallet, each container weighs 160 lbs. With four (4) retractable, fixed-direction roller wheels, the ARC48 can be pushed or pulled easily by hand on smooth surfaces.  
  • It is also reconfigurable, like its complement, the ARC108, and the walls can serve as ramps, litters or be stowed inside the unit when not in use.  
  • Black is standard color.



  • Dimensions are 45" X 23" X 12“.
  • Weights approximately 16 pounds with the handle strap.
  • Constructed of an advanced composite material that is virtually indestructible and is resistant to sand, water, insects, and other undesirable environmental factors. 
  • Designed to organize and separate contents into manageable loads.
  • Nested together 11 ARC7s fit within an ARC108.
  • Nested together 4 ARC7s fit perfectly within an ARC48.
  • Stackable, Impact Resistant, and Fire Resistant to protect your assets.
  • Able to be passed through X-ray equipment for full content analysis.
  • Color is black.

ACS is Adaptive

ARCs are Adaptive. Customizations Available:

  • Color (White, Tan, Black)
  • Shelving
  • Foam Inserts for Product Protection
  • Wheel Configurations
  • Additional customizations delivered to meet our customer’s mission specific requirements  

ACS Products are GUARANTEED!